Do you know how to maintain wooden furniture?


    The wooden furniture is slightly more expensive. Th […]

    The wooden furniture is slightly more expensive. The wooden furniture is environmentally friendly, green and healthy, full of nature, and is favored by many people. How to maintain wooden furniture? Today, Shenzhen decoration company Le bee decoration to introduce to everyone
    Pay attention to moisture, furniture should be placed on the side of the window to avoid moisture and mildew, especially furniture such as tables, there may be cracks, warping and other phenomena after damp. Therefore, wooden furniture should not be placed at the window as much as possible, and there will be moisture on the wall, so it is not good to stick to the wall, it is best to leave a few centimeters of gap.
    After a long time of furniture, it will gradually lose its luster, and there will be scratches, etc. In this case, it can be waxed and refurbished. Just like leather shoes and shoe polish, the gloss is completely new. Be sure to clean the dirt on the furniture before waxing. Clean, usually take care when moving the furniture, do not sit on the furniture and shake.

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